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Helpful Numbers



Other Emergency Numbers

EBR Sheriff's Dispatch 225.389.5000
EBR Sheriff's Burbank Substation 222.389.5511
Baton Rouge City Police 225.389.2000
Louisiana State Police (Troop A) 225.754.8500
Fire Department (St. George Fire District) 225.454.6550
Emergency Medical Services 225.389.5155
Office of Emergency Preparedness 225.389.2100



AT&T 225.557.6500 (Ordering)
225.557.6111 (Repair)
Baton Rouge Water Company 225.925.2011
Cox Communications 225.615.1000
Entergy 800.968.8243 (Outages)
Department of Public Works 225.389.3090
Recycling Office 225.389.5194


Nationally Elected Leaders

Representative Garrett Graves 202.225.3901
Senator David Vitter 202.224.4623
Senator Bill Cassidy 202.224.5824


Statewide Elected Leaders

Governor John Bel Edwards 225.922.1000
Louisiana Rep. Rick Edmonds 225.342.6777
Louisiana Sen. Yvonne Colomb 225.342.2040
Secretary of State Tom Schedler 225.922.2880


Parishwide Elected Leaders

Mayor/President Sharon Weston Broome 225.389.3100
Councilman Chandler Loupe 225.389.5162
Assessor Brian Wilson 225.389.3920
Constable Reginald R. Brown, Sr. 225.389.3004
Clerk of Court Doug Welborn 225.389.7642


Other Numbers of Interest

Animal Control Center 225.774.7700
Bluebonnet Public Library 225.763.2240
Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport 225.355.0333
Capital Area Transit System 225.389.8920
Department of Motor Vehicles 225.922.1175 (Licenses)
225.925.6146 (Vehicle Reg)
East Baton Rouge Parish School System 225.922.5400
Mosquito Abatement 225.356.3297
The Advocate Info Line 225.383.0000


Helpful Links

Report a Street Light Outage to Entergy

Submit a Request to the DPW